HPS Park and Walk 1

HPS Park and Walk

Harrisdale Primary School’s Park and Walk is still in action! The Park and Walk is located at the Heron Park Satterley office on Oakbella Parade, just a short walk from HPS.

We encourage parents to park in this car park and walk with their children to and from school. We recently introduced a PBS based incentive for students when the Park and Walk is utilised. When arriving in or departing from the car park, there are two QR code posters, which can be scanned on a mobile phone. Parents are then required to complete some information which will allow their child to be the recipient of a PBS token for responsibility. Prizes are drawn annually and given to students who have received PBS tokens throughout the year.

We understand that during the COVID-19 restrictions that the parking around HPS is even more limited than usual. Utilising the Park and Walk is great way for students to not only get some fresh air before and after school. It also helps to ease the congestion around school at pick up and drop off.

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