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At Harrisdale Primary School we are committed to helping our students achieve personal success, through both academic and non-academic pursuits. We believe that an explicit focus on effective teaching and social and emotional well-being creates the right conditions for our students to achieve their potential. Our classroom practice exemplifies our beliefs about teaching and learning – we put students first.

We personalise learning for each student, as we understand each of us needs different conditions to reach our potential. We help our students find their strengths and passions, be they academic,  sporting or cultural, and support them on their journey from Kindy to Year 6.

As a proud Independent Primary School, Harrisdale PS are leaders and we teach our students how to be leaders too, by developing their self-confidence and self-esteem, placing emphasis on reaching their full leadership potential.

Being successful requires a growth mindset and we promote this theme throughout our teaching practices. The Harrisdale PS community provides students with a place of belonging, where each student is valued for their unique contribution.

Our school supports each other but also teaches the importance of ‘being of service’ to humanity at a local, national and international level.