Harrisdale Primary School recognises that future-focussed learning is a holistic approach in which learners strive together to find and solve real world problems, with the goal of gaining an interlinked real-world education, to cultivate capabilities to ensure success beyond school. 
Students at Harrisdale Primary School have the opportunity to utilise technology to amplify learning across Curriculum areas, as referenced by the Schools and Curriculum Standards Authority (SCSA) as the ICT General Capabilities. Classrooms are equipped with 8 iPads per room from Kindergarten to Year 2, before entering into the Bring Your Own (BYO) iPad Program across Year 3-6.  Teachers reflect against the SAMR model to ensure lessons offer students an opportunity to engage in deeper learning through creation, collaboration and critical thinking skills. 
The Technologies Curriculum is explicitly taught in classes across two areas including Design and Technologies and Digital Technologies. This allocated time lends itself as a hub to approach STEM (Science, Technologies, Engineering and Mathematics). Students learn about key understanding and skills involved in design, development and use of technologies and apply this to ideate new solutions through a design process. Students have access to some of the latest robotics equipment, including Bluebot, Ozobot, Microbit, LittleBits, Sphero, Makey Makey, and Parrot Drone. Harrisdale Primary School partners with the community including the City of Armadale and REmida to create sustainable opportunities to resource  STEM projects.
Harrisdale Primary School is a recognised DigiTech Teacher Development School, as well as a STEM Mentor School and provides professional learning to educators across the state. To find out more about Technologies and STEM, connect with us on our social networks by searching @HarrisdalePS and ‘Harrisdale PS DigiTech School’ or email [email protected]
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