COVID-19 Pick up and Drop Off Update 1

COVID-19 Pick up and Drop Off Update

Dear Parents and Carers, Thank you so much for your patience and support with drop offs and pick ups over the past 4 weeks! We wait with anticipation, for the day when we go back to our normal routine as students are missing valuable learning time in the afternoons.

The staff have also been on duty morning and afternoon (recess and lunch duties as well) for 4 weeks now so I am going to try and ease off on the number of people at the gates and kiss ’n’ drives.

Please also be aware that we are expecting rain and storms next week. Make sure your children have suitable rain gear in the event of rain. Make sure they know where you are meeting them or picking them up. Please understand, due to the rain there will be more cars, longer waits and traffic. There is nothing we can do to change this.

Stay safe. We’re in this together. 🙂

The information sheet can be downloaded here

COVID-19 Pick up and Drop Off Update 2
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