2020 P&C AGM 1

2020 P&C AGM

Hello Harrisdale Families and our new Beehive families,

A new school year means a new P&C! This year, it is likely that our P&C will be going through a whole host of changes! The most notable will be current members moving on due to work, school and life commitments. New members are always wanted and welcomed. With new members we get an influx of new ideas and of course, new friendships.

All positions will be vacant and must be filled in order for the P&C to be sustainable.

If positions are not filled, sadly that will see events such as Mothers/Fathers Day Stalls, school disco, colour run and crazy hair days etc impacted.

Parents and Citizens’ Associations are established under the School Education Act 1999 for the purpose of supporting a strong government school system, for the benefit of the students. The P&C Association at your school helps you and your children by:

• Giving parents an opportunity to learn about the school’s policies and programs;

• Organising ways in which parents can share in shaping and developing school policies so that they reflect the broad agreement and support of the school community;

• Bringing parents together to share information and views;

• Assisting the school to build positive attitudes to students and their families;

• Stimulating community interest and participation in education;

• Raising funds and providing additional resources and amenities for the benefit of children attending government schools.

Date: Wednesday 4th March; Time: 3pm; Staffroom unless otherwise advised.

If you are unable to attend, but would like to know more, please contact us on [email protected]. Nomination forms are available to be emailed in advance. A $1.00 membership is needed on the day.

Let’s make this year a wonderful year for all the students at Harrisdale Primary School.

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