School Photos 1

School Photos

School photos begin on Monday, August 31st and will continue until Thursday, September 3rd. Please see the schedule for both the main site and the B Hive. Sibling photos for students who attend the B Hive will take place from 8:00am – 8:30am at the main site on the following days:

Tuesday, September 1st
Wednesday, September 2nd
Thursday, September 3rd

Parents will be notified regarding which day their sibling photo will be scheduled for if they have a child at both the B Hive and main site. Please note, parents will need to bring their B Hive student to the main site on the scheduled day and drop them back at the B Hive once the photo has been taken.

All sibling photos where both students attend the main site will be taken at recess or lunch from Monday, August 31st until Thursday, September 3rd. Once all sibling photo forms have been received you will be notified as to which day your children’s sibling photo will take place.

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